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Herringbone House

a project by Zoe Chan

My mission is to make unwanted and ugly spaces beautiful. By a stroke of luck I found the site for my house.
It was an unwanted site, which had been derelict and empty for ten years. Dark, awkward, long in shape, had
a burnt and charred timber structure from a recent fire, squatted by drug users, covered with asbestos, a hab-
itat to the local fox population.

I was interested in creating a house which relates to its context by taking the syntax of the local vernacular:
namely gable ended roofs and the brick material of the Victorian terraces, and then making it my own.
I created large open volumes and spaces, supported by a modern steel structure and a bright naturally lit
interior accomodated by large windows, skylights and courtyards. The ornamental herringbone brickwork
was used to create personal expression and to articulate the picture windows and volumes by using framing,
pattern and variety in the laying of the bricks.

- Zoe Chan, founder of Atelier ChanChan.
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